Circolektra veiligheid

Don't take risks!

The Netherlands is fully committed to sustainability with a massive adoption of solar panels, heat pumps, and electric cars. At the same time, our buildings and houses are becoming smarter with various detectors and sensors, and emergency lighting is essential in case of power outages.

The integration and increasing complexity of these systems impose higher demands on the products and power supply. Often, expansion or renewal of electrical installations is necessary.

With attention to the latest safety standards, the accredited installer will often need to adapt the existing distribution board, switchgear, wiring, and emergency lighting. Just from old distribution boards alone, over 1,000,000 kilograms end up on the waste pile.

Unfortunately, old and unsafe electrical materials also end up in grey resale, without approval or warranty from the manufacturer. This can lead to very dangerous situations, as 30% of all electrical accidents in the meter cabinet are caused by unskilled installation or the use of faulty materials.

Old and used distribution boards, switches, sockets, emergency lighting, and wiring may look fine externally, but often, the internal technical condition of the components is completely unknown, with all the resulting consequences.

So, don’t take any risks because did you know that a fire in the meter cabinet is the second most common cause of fires in the Netherlands?

Circolektra prioritizes your safety above all by collecting and safely reusing old and surplus electrical materials as raw materials or as complete products after official refurbishment by the manufacturer, including a warranty.