Highest degree of circularity!

Through the controlled collection of old and used distribution boards, we can collect them centrally, sort them and give them the highest degree of circularity. We talk about tens of thousands of old distribution boards every year, with a multitude of components containing valuable raw materials but also various plastics.

For example, the very old and black Bakelite distribution boards are recycled by specialized processors, while the plastic boards are reused as much as possible by the manufacturers as parts or raw materials for the production of new fuse boards. This remanufacturing is also done for components such as circuit breakers and earth leakage switches that contain valuable metals.

As Circolektra, we strive for a circular assortment so that in time we can offer refurbished distribution board and components in addition to new. Of course, these then comply with the latest regulations and enjoy the manufacturers’ warranty.

In parallel, manufacturers are focusing on redesign by designing products so that they can be more easily reused as complete products or as raw materials more quickly in the future.

The more we collect now, the faster and more efficiently we can reduce the use of new raw materials and C02 emissions. Therefore, hand in your old distribution boards at the many collection points or choose for your own collection bin.

Circolektra 10R ladder