Highest degree of circularity!

At Circolektra, we strive to collect old and used electrical materials in a controlled manner, allowing us to gather, sort, and achieve the highest level of circularity centrally. Annually, this involves tens of thousands of products with numerous components containing not only valuable raw materials but also various plastics.

Specialized processors recycle, among other things, very old and black bakelite fuse boxes, while manufacturers reuse plastic covers of switches and outlets as granules for the production of new switches. Remanufacturing is an integral part of our process for components such as circuit breakers and residual-current devices containing valuable metals.

Circolektra goes beyond mere remanufacturing. Our goal is to build a circular range where, in the long term, we can offer not only new but also refurbished components through our partners. These naturally comply with the latest regulations and are backed by manufacturers’ warranties. In parallel, manufacturers emphasize redesign, designing products so that they can be more easily and quickly reused in the future, either as a complete product, parts, or as raw material.

The more we collect now, the more effectively we can reduce the use of new raw materials and CO2 emissions. Join us by turning in your old electrical materials at one of our many collection points or opt for your own collection bin. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and strive for a more sustainable future.

Circolektra 10R model UK