Your safety

Circolektra veilig

Did you know that a fire in the distribution baord is the second most common cause of fires in the Netherlands? Often caused by the use of substandard materials and inexperienced installation. At Circolektra, safety is our utmost priority, which is why we actively collect old and hazardous electrical materials to minimize potential risks.

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Circular power

In 2050, waste is a thing of the past, and everything is reused. However, in 2024, we are far from achieving this. Thanks to our active collection efforts, manufacturers can already breathe new life into old electrical materials or utilize them as valuable resources for the production of innovative and environmentally friendly new products.

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Social Engagement

The collection, sorting, and disassembly are entrusted to a carefully selected social workshop. This allows us to not only create employment but also to mentor and train individuals for successful reintegration into the workforce.

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DSG support

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Where to submit

Participating is easy: you can drop off your old switches, distribution panels, distributors, wiring, connectors, emergency lighting, switchgear, home automation technology, and PLCs at one of the many collection points spread across the Netherlands. Here, we gather the old electrical materials, and then (as much as possible using electric transport) they are transported to the social workshop.

If you’re an installer and regularly receive old electrical materials, there is also the option to set up your own collection bin in your workshop or warehouse. Here, you can directly collect the old materials. Once the bin is full, we’ll pick it up and immediately replace it with a new empty bin. For the Circolektra partnership, we ask for a small annual contribution to cover the costs.