Our Impact

Circolektra impact

Submitting pays off!

Isn’t it strange that in the Netherlands we discard old distribution panels, wired accessories, emergency lighting, and other electrical materials, only to mine resources from the earth elsewhere to produce new, similar products?

Many materials are becoming increasingly scarce, and moreover, the working conditions during mining are often dire. By participating, you actively contribute to the reduction of material usage and CO2 emissions. You help your fellow human beings who want to re-enter the job market and lower the risk of electrical accidents and fire incidents.

Our impact in 5 years

Circolektra groepenkast

30,000 distribution boards collected

Circolektra kg

135,000 kg circularly processed

Circolektra co2

150,000 kg CO2 reduction

Circolektra sroi

6,000 hours of social work

Circolektra electriciteitsongevallen

50% reduction in electricity accidents

Circolektra brand

60% reduction in fire causes

Circolektra rapportage

Transparent reporting

Circolektra productontwikkeling

Circular product development