Circolektra sroi werkplaats

SROI from
working, learning and reintegration

The collection, sorting and dismantling of electrical materials is carried out in specially selected workshops. Here, experienced professionals provide practical coaching and guidance to people who want to return to the mainstream, including the long-term unemployed, migrants and ex-prisoners.

We follow a 4-step plan here:

The first step of collecting and sorting is aimed at getting them accustomed to the rhythm of work again and teaching them skills such as dealing with personal goals, computer use and time planning.

The second step focuses on technical development and involves disassembling products into monostreams. This requires technical understanding as well as knowledge of dismantling and recognizing different monostreams such as iron, aluminum, copper, etc.

The third step focuses on technology by repairing and refurbishing products. Training and guidance from the manufacturers are essential here to ensure product quality.

For candidates who have successfully completed the previous steps and are ready to re-enter the mainstream job market, we act as a springboard to employment with one of our affiliated partners. In fact, there is a structural shortage of personnel with a technical background within installation companies, wholesalers and manufacturers of electrical materials!

Our in-house developed portal, Circoreport, forms the basis for this and also provides all member partners with full insight into circular results.